Lenin is always alive – even 20 years later

20 years without Soviet Union doesn’t mean that the post-Soviet people managed to deal with their own terrible history. There’s a park in Moscow where many post-Soviet monuments are gathered, including Stalin’s. They were taken away from the streets when the USSR collapsed so this is the only chance to see all communist criminals at the same time. There’s a lot of interesting spots, such as Stalin without a nose:

What I don’t like is that such a park is not the only place where you can see monuments of ex-heros of the state. 20 years later, you can still find Lenin standing in the centre of a Russian town. For example, a huge Kalinin’s monuments greets you at the railways station in Kaliningrad:

And a Soviet symbol on the railway building:

Or even the tank which I could see from my window 🙂 But that was actually funny:

Other examples from smaller towns near Kaliningrad:

So it seems that 20 years later, the old saying “Lenin is always alive” is still not out-of-date.