Heldenplatz in Vienna

I’ve just come back from holidays in Austria and Czech Republic, but I’m not going to bore you with dozens of photos of always the same important monuments and buildings that everyone knows. Even though also to me Vienna is a city of musicians, artists and the highest culture.

What I would like to show you is photos of Heldenplatz, which can be translated as “Hero’s square”. It is known mostly for Hitler’s announcement of the Anschluss of Austria to the Third Reich in 1938. According to data I found in one book, there were 200 000 Austrians gathered to listen to his speech. The huge majority of the Austrians were positive about being attached to Germany. Somehow that reminded me of the Austrian exhibition at Auschwitz Museum (where each country can get a space to install an exhibition about the fate of their nation during WWII) called: ‘Austria – the first VICTIM of Hitler’… Well, maybe let’s not comment that. Every nation tends to show themselves in a better light. I could also find some black pages of Polish history but of course it is always easier to put an emphasis only on the moments when we were victims, not murderes. Still, the idea of Austria being the poor victim of Hitler’s aggression sounds surrealistic to me.

So here I was, wondering aroung between cars parked all over the square, and wondering how it must have looked like back in 1938.