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Oh, Gatsby…

I must admit that I read ‘The Great Gatsby’ only last year. It’s not an obligatory book at school in Poland and you need to get interested yourself to find it and read… Continue reading

Mania: The Story Of A Cigarette Factory Worker (1918)

Last Thursday I had a chance to watch a silent movie “Mania: The History Of A Cigarette Factory Worker” with Pola Negri, which for many years was considered lost. The only copy was… Continue reading

Ina Benita – femme fatale of the 30’s

It’s the 100th (or 101st) anniversary of Ina Benita’s birthday. Officially it is said that she was born on February 1st 1912, but she claimed in one of the interviews that she had… Continue reading

Unforgettable Classic Movie actresses…

Pola Negri She is my number one. Pola is a great inspiration to me in many fields. Not only she was a talented actress but also a very strong woman who went through… Continue reading

My 10 favourite actors of the Golden Age

…or should I call it ‘of all time’. For sure. The Internet is full of top lists like this so I’d also like to share my personal and subjective opinion with you. Some… Continue reading

‘Forever, I’m dreaming of home…’ – Christmas truce 1914

…These is the title of a song that appears in a movie “Joyeux Noel” that tells a real story of the spontaneous ceasefire on No Man’s Land during WWI on Christmas Eve of… Continue reading

Kult ciała aka Rapsody of love (1930)

Yesterday I had a chance to watch a Polish silent movie “Kult ciała” (Rapsody of love is the official English name) which for many years was lost and only a  few years ago… Continue reading

“Here’s looking at you, kid”

There’s no other film in the world that I have re-watched more times than the classic “Casablanca”, even though there’s not that much of a romantic in me. I tend to watch it… Continue reading

Yuma (2012)

When I think of Poland from my childhood  I can’t believe that a country can change and develop so much within just 20 years. Now kids are dreaming of the new iPhone and… Continue reading

‘The Artist’ and a travel back in time

The fact that a movie like “The Artist” got all the most important Oscars this year gives me hope that contemporary cinema is not in such a bad shape yet. Of course everyone… Continue reading