Kult ciała aka Rapsody of love (1930)

Yesterday I had a chance to watch a Polish silent movie “Kult ciała” (Rapsody of love is the official English name) which for many years was lost and only a  few years ago… Continue reading

Struthof Museum, Alsace

I’ve always known that the French regions Alsace and Lorraine have a lot in common with my home region in Poland – Pomerania and I couldn’t wait to visit this land. What was… Continue reading

“Here’s looking at you, kid”

There’s no other film in the world that I have re-watched more times than the classic “Casablanca”, even though there’s not that much of a romantic in me. I tend to watch it… Continue reading

Yuma (2012)

When I think of Poland from my childhood  I can’t believe that a country can change and develop so much within just 20 years. Now kids are dreaming of the new iPhone and… Continue reading

Museum of the Polish Post Office in Gdansk

Time flies and another anniversary of the outbreak of WWII is ahead of us. One year ago you had a chance to read my post about Westerplatte, this time I’d like to show… Continue reading

‘The Artist’ and a travel back in time

The fact that a movie like “The Artist” got all the most important Oscars this year gives me hope that contemporary cinema is not in such a bad shape yet. Of course everyone… Continue reading

‘Róża’ and the tragedy of Masuria

It makes me sad to realize how many amazing European movies we never hear about just because they have no budget to advertise abroad. How many Scandinavian, French, Italian movies… Or Polish, too.… Continue reading

Heldenplatz in Vienna

I’ve just come back from holidays in Austria and Czech Republic, but I’m not going to bore you with dozens of photos of always the same important monuments and buildings that everyone knows.… Continue reading

“In darkness” nominated for Oscar

“In darkness”, a Polish-German-Canadian movie is nominated for Oscar for the best foreign movie. The movie is based on a true story described in a book “A girl in the green sweater” by… Continue reading

The King is dead, long live the King!

Many people were wondering what will happen in Russia after the presidental elections next year. Those who were down-to-earth were sure that Putin would come back to power. Symbolically, because he’s ruled the… Continue reading