The Eastern Partnership Summit

article taken from “On September 29 and 30, the Eastern Partnership Summit is held in Warsaw. Leaders and representatives of 27 European Union countries and 6 Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia,… Continue reading

1st September 1939 – “Westerplatte still fights on”

Today we have already the 72th anniversary of the outbreak of the World War II. I feel obligded to write about it not only because the bloodiest war ever had its beginning in… Continue reading

Lenin is always alive – even 20 years later

20 years without Soviet Union doesn’t mean that the post-Soviet people managed to deal with their own terrible history. There’s a park in Moscow where many post-Soviet monuments are gathered, including Stalin’s. They… Continue reading

20 years without Soviet Union

20 years ago Soviet Union stopped existing. Poland was the first, in 1989, to become fully independent, but Soviet republics needed more time to set themselves free from the communist regime. Now most… Continue reading

Moldova – between Russia and Europe

Moldova is not a country you would usually choose while planning your summer holidays. Yet it is worth visiting. It is perfect for those who like avoiding crowds of tourists and since the… Continue reading

Oradour-sur-Glane: “Remember – Souviens-toi…”

There’s probably no more shocking place on the whole planet which can realize to a greater degree the cruelty of the World War II. Even Auschwitz doesn’t leave you so devastated as you… Continue reading

The Lenin Museum in Tampere, Finland

In the past I used to live in Finland and I remember my shock when I found out that in the nearest big city – Tampere – there is a museum that is… Continue reading

Gdansk between the wars: 1919-1939

Recently I’ve been surprised couple of times by foreigners coming to Gdańsk – the city in Poland I live in and which is my home – having no clue that they’re visiting a… Continue reading

Between beauty of the landscape and the tragic past – Yantarny, Russia

I love travelling, especially if the place I visit hides some kind of a secret, some happening from the past, a very tragic one, something you cannot notice at first because the place… Continue reading

Burnt By The Sun (1994) – “у каждого есть выбор…”

There are certain movies that leave us completely confused and make us  think about its plot for a long time, sometimes even for days. I adore such movies – when nothing is for… Continue reading